Thursday, February 7, 2013

Charlie's Double

I wanna write about my mum and mine's project. It calls Charlie's Double. I can't relieve what it means yet because we should explain it before in the blog but I can explain what it is.
I start my presentation with a picture:

It's a blog that speaks about cultural things. Every kind of cultural idea is welcome here. We already published 4 posts about: 1) Man atop a skyscreper 2) Doodle Google 3) Limerick poems 4)D-Aria.
It's in italian because it'll be too long time to translate everything, maybe when we get famous we could use the double languages. 

This is the link:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Raymond Deane NCH

I went to the National Concert Hall to listen to a free concert. There is a nice serie of free concerts there.
The musics were composed by Raymond Deane and the orchestra was RTE' National Symphony Orchestra. It was very interesting, not too long and the musics were a kind of soundtrack for most of the time quite disturbing.

The theatre is nice and I was impressed by the organ that there's in the botton of the theatre. So huge. It should be interesting come to see a organo's concert.

Watching the concert I thought that I wanted to write about this concert in my mum and mine blog. It's coming soon!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Men at lunch

Today I went to the cinema to watch "Men at lunch" a documentary movie about the famous picture of the iron workers of Rockefeller Centre. It's an interesting point of view of NY in the 30s years.
It's a kind of symbol of immigration and the skyscraper construction.

I advise to watch this film because you can see the magic city of New York and some pictures that they show are really striking and awesome.
Like this:

The photographer worked in the same situation of the iron workers that means: 1) they didn't have any kind of harness 2) they were totally crazy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Charlie Chaplin is coming back to New York

Today I'd like to speak about a project that my mum and me want to realise.
We'd like to create a blog about cultural thoughts. 
The blog will have several categories and every day, more or less, we're going to write something about every subjects.  
For example: in the "Shows" page we can speak about a particular actor or a writer, or put a picture of a show or of a theatre that we like it, it would be like our facebook page but more organized and more personal. Every our friends are welcome to write on it.

The website will divide into different parts.

In the beginning the categories will be only 4 but the idea is to increase them when the blog will grow. 

This is the tamplate that we've chosen:

We have the name but our project is still work in progress, we don't want reaveal it yet. I'll give just a clue: C's D.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Once upon a time

Today I want to focus my post of an idea that I've had...
Yesterday I was surfing on Facebook when this appeared:


I want to take a similar video but better. This is getting my project in Dublin, I'm really excited for this. I think that I could do a really outstanding video.
Sumi and me are taking a Time Lapse video for The Lir, today I started the shooting, we could take out something of interesting.

This post calls "Once upon a time" because I'm watching this TV series, I understand more or less everything.

Today it's a good the day; weather, feeling, thoughts...

After have to write this sentence I learnt this word:
Hailstorm: outburst of hail

Hihihihih, something is wrong in this island!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's raining pitchforks/ It's raining cats and dogs

Good Morning Dublin,
Today it's a really heavy rain day, the title of this post describes perfectly the situation. 
It's raining pitchforks.
It's raining cats and dogs.
But I've found 2 images very interesting that describe better what's happening outside of my window.

But don't worry because in this moment I'm doing nothing in my lovely home, but today it's the first day after Italy so for the moment I can put my feet up but not too much.

I'd like trying to write in the blog some idiomas or words that I learn during the day, describing the meaning. In this way this web page could help others people to learn some new terms.

The weather changes and in Ireland is more common than any others countries in the world, that means that now there is a really good climate. So weird!! 

Today I discovered this application for Ipad calls Pic Stitch. With this you can create collages with your pictures. It's really intelligent and I tested it with 2 pictures, the first one is up and the second one is below. I thing that this app it's really interesting to create 2 kind of pictures: Funny and Conceptual, the second one is both!

Today Sumi and me went to my workplace to understand how develop the new project of the Lir. They want that we're going to take a time lapse video about the building of a set. We studied how do it with the camera: I'm going to film the assembling and she's going to edit the video. I want to post here my favorite time lapse video, it's absolutely amazing! Her Morning Elegance/Oren Lavie It's really a masterpiece!

Ground = Confined person - Deny social activities as punishment
Belong = Be owned by
Remote Control = A device for operating Sth from a distance

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Waste Time Movement

It's really really late, around 2,30 am. I'm still awake because I was looking for some courses to do, tonight I watched a film (Lost Highway) with Pawla and Clara, and Pawla told us that exist a lot of online courses about a lot of things and she gave us a interesting website where we could find them.

I signed up this course:

Than I started looking for in my iTunes U application and I found lots of interesting courses and I created a bit library of my lessons.